Do you have a traveler “alter-ego”?

As I write this I`m getting ready to spend a week in Sevilla, in the south of Spain. Yes, Guiri Insider will be reporting live from Andaluzia this week! (be prepared for a lot of updates on my Instagram and Facebook accounts). As I`m choosing what to put in my bag (such a hard task considering that just my photography equipment takes up 70% of the allowed weight for hand-luggage), I can`t stop but wonder if my traveler “alter-ego” is going to join this trip as well… 

Wait, what? You must be thinking…

I don`t have any personalities disorders, so let me explain… I`ve never noticed I had a different personality, my “vacations Vick” as my friends call it, until they pointed it out. It happened during a girls night over a few glasses of wine, when I was telling them about my latest traveling adventures, and got to the “boys” topic… I was complaining that geography hates me because I only meet nice guys when I`m traveling, and that then things just happen, so naturally, and here in Barcelona dating was so hard… And that`s when they pointed out that maybe it was because my behaviour when traveling was way more free and careless than my normal over-thinking-self in my everyday life…


My traveler alter-ego is a lot more adventurous than I normally am!

That really got me thinking. And I came to the conclusion that they were actually right!

When I`m traveling, I usually don`t know anybody and nobody knows me. I can just be whoever I want to be, nobody cares, nobody will know.

That doesn`t mean I`ll be a different person, I am who I am. But not having any kind of expectation over who you are and how you have to behave is a damn freeing feeling. When I`m traveling, I`m more opened, more talkative, more friendly, less self-conscious… And I don`t know, people seem to like it. Everything just flows, everything is easier, even meeting guys (I`m usually pretty shy and tense about this part…)

This is something that I would NEVER do in Brazil (people would just be staring), and that I could do in Barcelona (nobody would even notice) but I don`t... I`m wearing a bra at the beach. An underwear bra, not a bikini one, because I wasn`t planning on sunbathing. Doesn`t sound very impressing but it kind of was to me...!

This is something that I would NEVER do in Brazil (people would just be staring), and that I could totally do in Barcelona (nobody would even notice) but I don`t… I`m wearing a bra at the beach. An underwear bra, not a bikini one, because I wasn`t planning on sunbathing. Doesn`t sound very impressing but it kind of was to me…!

Not only this part of me is affected, but when I`m traveling, when I`m visiting a new place, all my senses are heightened. I`m all about the  smells, the sounds, the views, the feelings… I`m more connected to the universe, to the world around me. I don`t want to miss A THING. I want to capture it all, to feel it all, to remember it all. How it was, how it looked like, how it felt. I try to capture it through my photographs, because they help me remember not only places, but also moments. Every person is different at this, some people do it by writing, others by drawing, some people just keep it in their minds, in their hearts.

When I`m traveling to a new place, I want to see everything. I don`t mind how, I`ll just find a way to do it. I`m more proactive, I have more initiative, I`m  super active.  No excuses, no laziness – unless I`m going to a place with the sole purpose of not doing anything, just relaxing – which almost never happens because I`m usually too curious to be ok with just hanging by the hotel`s swimming pool all day…


This is my idea of procrastination when I`m traveling… I can do nothing and just put my feet up… If I`m kayaking at the ocean!

But do you know that feeling, the weekend is approaching, and you see that there are a lot of nice things going on, outdoors activities, festival, expositions and etc, and you have so many options of cool things to do… And then you just end up spending the whole weekend at home watching Netflix because you are just too tired/lazy to move your butt out of the house? It happens to me more than I would like to admit in Barcelona, and sometimes I end up feeling a little guilty about it, because I have the opportunity to experiment so many nice things, all within my reach, and I just … don`t… 🙁

Well, my traveler alter-ego would never have this problem! Traveler-Vick would still go out to that wine tasting even if she didn`t have anybody to go with her. Traveler-Vick would not order a take away but sit on that cute restaurant and eat by herself, no problem about it. Don`t get me wrong, I do a lot of things by myself in Barcelona. If I really want to do something, having no company would not stop me from doing it. But sometimes I wished I had someone to go with me, a friend, a boyfriend, just so I could share the experience, make comments, talk about it afterwards. Traveler-Vick just doesn`t care, she is so happy enjoying the opportunity and the moment that she is totally happy with it, even though she may be alone in doing so…!

Exploring the Merzouga desert in Morocco. Oh, wait, is that a fierce look on my eyes?!?

Exploring the Merzouga desert in Morocco. Oh, wait, is that a fierce look on my eyes?!?

There are a few things that Every-day Vick would really benefit from being more like Traveler-Vick. More than a few things that I wish I could do differently in my daily life. What`s stopping me from doing that? …Myself! I know that I`m the only one who can change me, and I`m still trying to learn how to this, how to be braver, more proactive, less shy even if I`m in my own hometown. Because, even though I do travel quite a lot, this is where I spend most of my time.

What about you? I would love to hear if you, too, have a traveler alter-ego. Is that anything that you do differently when you`re travelling? Anything you would like to change? Or even the opposite, anything that you normally do and you wish you could do when traveling? 

Let me know in the comments! 😉 





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  • Ernestine Lyons-Mayweather

    Very interesting perspective, I agree. I have a very daring and outgoing persona when I am traveling alone. She (my travel alter ego) is especially brazen when there is a foreign language to be learned. I will blurt out words without fear of embarrassment or mistakes. Friends have told me that they admire this quality. I recently have been stuck in a rut of doing the same things at home. Being fearless doesn’t have to stop because you’re on home turf. Every day one should do something that is scary and outside of the comfort zone. Bravo Vick! This is an inspiring article.

    • admin

      Thank you Ernestine!

      Yes, I`m still struggling myself with finding a way to keep the good qualities of my traveler alter-ego active once I`m back home and in my routine. I don`t know why it is so hard for some of us! But let`s keep trying! Even just the knowledge that we can be different and that this is a real part of us is already a big step towards this change!

      Thank you for your comment!



  • Ivonne

    I am usually very curios and traveling triggers even more curiosity, but contrary to what happens to you, I am aware of my identity, of my previous experiences and it is not easy to let go and connect with the unknown. I have Found that traveling is a way to be out of confort zone however extremely connected to me … i observe, take in and absorb. I usually come back with lots of questions … great topic

  • Natasha

    I loved reading this. Although I’m yet to travel completely solo, I tend to join a group tour if I go away on my own, I find that my personality changes when I’m travelling. At first I’m still a little in work mode and over time I relax and become a lot more laid back. I definitely prefer my travelling alter ego! Its hard to apply to every day life though.

    • admin

      Hi Natasha!

      You should definitely try to travel solo, even if it`s just for a weekend! It`s an empowering experience and gives you a sense of freedom and strength that are awesome! But you can develop your traveler alter-ego even while traveling with friends. When I`m traveling with my friends I always end up being the “lider”, the one that organizes and leads everyone, that takes action, while in my day to day life, I have no idea why, I tend to stay more in the background…
      I would love for my alter-ego to be more present in my life… But I guess that this is something that only we can change, right?

  • Maria Angelova

    Can’t agree more. When nobody knows you, you can start fresh an be whoever you want. My traveler alter-ego is always different, I suppose it depends on my momentary mood. I also have a hiker alter-ego, totally different, muddy and fearless 😉

    • Vick Fichtner

      Hi Maria!

      A hiking alter-ego, wow, this is really cool! Love it!

      I think my only sports alter-ego would be when I get my hands on a jet ski. My “fast and furious” side appears and there are only a few feelings I love most than feeling the speed while crossing the waters. And I have to say, I`m not the most sportive person, but in this I`m really good!

      I also really enjoy hiking, and here in Spain that are a lot of cool places to do it, like the mountains of Montserrat – and this just reminded that I have yet to write a post about the hike I did there this year!
      But if you ever come to Barcelona, let me know, I can recommend a lot of nice places around here!

  • Carrie

    I totally get this (and “travel alter-ego” is the perfect term to describe it). I’ve been traveling alone for years and it never bothers me, but just a couple weeks ago I went out to eat in my home city alone for the first time — and was terrified!

    • Vick Fichtner

      Hi Carrie!

      Glad you liked it! 😉

      I have mastered the art of going out for lunch by myself in my city, but dinner, if it`s a casual place like a cafe, ok, but if it`s a more traditional restaurant… Arghhh I feel so self conscious!!! Whyyyy do we feel like this?

      I remember the first time I went to dinner by myself, I was traveling alone through Italy – my favourite country in the world – and I was in Milano, walking around Corso Como – my favourite are of this city. It was dinner time, I was starving and I found this really cook pizzeria – and oh god, the smell of those pizzas, irresistible! So I decided to eat there. It was a Friday night, the place was full with couples and groups of friends, all talking loudly and laughing and I felt SO alone that I wasn`t even enjoying my delicious pizza. Then I got mad of myself for it and decided to turn the “I don`t give a shit” button on and enjoy MY moment.

      Now I just have to find that button when I go out to dinner alone in my city…!

  • Cristina

    Really good post! I think most of us (travelers) have a travel alter ego, we just don’t realize it. I definitely have one and I also wish I could be more like that in daily life in my homecountry. I’m so much more pessimistic in my homecountry, Belgium. When I’m traveling there’s almost no pessimism at all, I’m all about positivity.
    I totally recoginze myself in the boys part too hahaha.

    • Vick Fichtner

      Hi Cristina!

      Thank youuuu, so happy you liked it!

      I think we have to travel somewhere with cute boys together and practice our traveler`s alter-egos! What do you think? 😉

  • Candiss

    We sound very similar (camera gear and all)! Travel me is definitely more free but still socially awkward but each trip I see myself being even more open. That is what travel is all about right! Sometimes parts of the more carefree travel alter ego even stick after! 😉

    • Vick Fichtner

      Hi Candiss!

      Love to hear that I`m not the only camera freak out there, hehehe! Also for me, taking pictures has worked as an conversation topic to make people talk to you. I remember this time I was in Bilbao, Spain, and there was this Txacoli Wine fair (Txacoli is the local wine, a mix between a white wine and a champaign, a little sparking – really good) and I started taking pictures of how they serve it – There is a special way to do it.
      The owner of the stand started talking to me, offered me some wine and I ended up staying until the event finished, talking to them and tasting wines for free! (Yeyyyy!)

      We have to use our special personality features to our advantage, socially awkward or not! 😉

  • Tracy

    I can relate so much. I love my traveler alter-ego the fun spirited, give a shit what people think of me. Yet at home, I put way to much emphasis on what others think. I work at this everyday!

    • Vick Fichtner

      Hi Tracy!

      I think it`s easier to give a shit when we don`t know anyone, but for my experience, the people I see that are more popular and charismatic and that usually people are attracted to are the ones who just don`t give a shit… Wherever they are. Maybe that makes them more authentic? Looking stronger? I don`t know, but I think we should work on this!

      Let me know how you`re doing!

  • Sonja

    Totally agree with this! I’ve definitely noticed it before. Now I try and have that attitude at home too, especially since I don’t travel so much!

    • Vick Fichtner

      Hi Sonja!

      Me too, I don`t know why I always fall back to my shy self when I`m back home, and when I travel it comes so naturally… But I`ve been working on keeping the attitude after I`m back, and trying to travel as much as I can too, maybe practice makes perfection? Hehehe

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