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Guiri Insider offers you an exclusive tourism consultancy in Barcelona and its surroundings. An innovative and unique service in the market, especially for the most demanding clients, in their native language. A unique travel experience like you’ve never seen, Guiri Insider will take you only to the best places, without queues, without wasting time looking for where to eat, to shop, what to see, a 100% tourist trap free!

Created by someone with knowledge, a person who specialises in the art of well-being and who knows Barcelona as if she was born here, and who is up to date with latest trends in the world of gastronomy, arts, design, fashion and lifestyle.


Exclusivity is our motto, and you can choose to count on our accompaniment during your stay so that you do not have to worry about anything – not even the language – or if you prefer more freedom, just follow our tips and walk around at ease, with all the detailed information to make your trip flow without any hassle.

We will make an unique analysis of your needs, your tastes and expectations, and create a special itinerary just for you with Barcelona`s most exclusive, like the city`s best hidden secrets and the places that only the locals know. Restaurants and gourmet experiences, bars with the best views of the city, special shops, unique objects, tickets for the best events… All this you only find with Guiri Insider.

If you want to experience the city as locals do, but in a unique and special way, contact us! We will be happy to provide you with an incredible trip you will never forget!

Interested? So get in touch today and start planning (or better, let us plan) your dream vacation in Barcelona!


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