My all time favourite travel photos – part 1

To create this blog I had to go through my 2 external HDs and look at all the photos I had. Doing so, I rediscovered so many amazing pictures that had never been published before. You know, the ones that kind of get forgotten for a long time, and when you re-discover it, it is a pleasant surprise. So I decided to challenge myself into writing a post about my all time favourite photos, the ones that really speak to me, that represent the place in all it`s glory, that make an impact, or even the ones that mean a lot to me because of the story behind them.

Wanna come for a Vespa ride at the paradisiac island of Formentera, Spain?

Wanna come for a Vespa ride at the paradisiac island of Formentera, Spain?

I love this photo because of the simplicity of it and the primary colors; it is basically a picture in blue, beige and red, but I think it is so inviting and this was taken in one of the most beautiful places I`ve been, the Island of Formentera, part of the Balearic Islands, in Spain. This is my favourite of the 4 islands, the water has so many tones of blue! 

The hardest thing for me when writing a post for my blog is never the writing part itself, but choosing the pictures I`m going to post. As a full time photographer, my vacation choices are often based on the potencial of a place for good pictures, what could be described as a workaholic behaviour, and certainly pisses my mother off whenever I`m traveling with her (she gets frustrated with me for taking so many pictures and never putting my camera down – I AM trying to change that, though).

This one could be on National Geographic magazine cover, don`t you think?

This one could be on National Geographic magazine cover, don`t you think?

The Carnival of Venice was the most beautiful festival I`ve ever seen (that coming from a Brazilian girl says a lot). All the costumes and masks are so detailed, so creative. I swear to you that I didn`t see any repeated costume or mask. The creativity and the luxury are unique! That plus the impressive background of Piazza San Marco and classical music playing takes you back in time, to another century. I`ve exposed the photos from the Carnival of Venice in Brazil and Spain and the copies were sold out (but you can order prints if you would like to! Just send me a message). This is my favourite photo of the bunch. It has a mysterious aura that I just love! 

The thing is, since I always choose beautiful places to go – that being a hard task on it`s own, with so many amazing places to see! – missing the chance to eternalise that view, that light, that place, is really hard to me! So even when I do make the effort to just enjoy the moment without taking pictures of it, I still come back from every trip with thousands of great, unprocessed, raw files that will become inspiring photos.

Somewhere on the roads of Ibiza, Spain

Somewhere on the roads of Ibiza, Spain

Photography is a subjective theme. Why did I pick this photo? It may not be between the top 100 of the most beautiful photos I took, but to me it represents a lot of what I search for in life: Adventure, traveling, movement, curiosity, on the road, new horizons, to explore. This was taken from inside the car in one of the roads in the middle of Ibiza, moving from one wonderful beach to another, exploring the island. I like the soft colours of it, I like the expectation of not knowing what is coming after this turn of the road, I like the trees… And I loved that moment. 

So when I`m back home, there comes the hard part: Going through all those pictures and having to pick just a few ones that I feel will represent the place as I remember it, giving out the energy, the feelings that I felt in that moment. The writing part is quite easy for me, I try to be concise so the text won`t be too long and I try to let the images speak for themselves. But some pictures have such a great story behind them that is worth to write a paragraph about every one of them.


The emotion is this photo is so strong, words would almost be unnecessary.

The emotion is this photo is so strong, words are almost unnecessary.

Even though I`m a travel photographer, I rarely photograph people. Why? I honestly don`t feel comfortable doing so. To me it feels like I`m trespassing some private barrier, even though I know that portraits are an important part of travel photography. But this moment was impossible not to register. It happened during the Fallas de Valencia festival, in Spain. They build the fallas (a wood and expanded polystyrene sculpture) across town, beautiful representations of various themes, usually with a social critic content, and in the last day they burn they all down, except for one that is chosen the best one and goes to a museum. Every falla has a couple who represents it, and there are the children`s fallas as well, with a children`s couple to represent it. They wear typical clothes and are really proud of their work. The burning is a highly emotive moment as you can see in the picture, where both the “fallera” woman and the child are crying as the sculptures burn down. As I took this photo, I was crying too, behind the camera. Is is impossible not to get emotional with this. Such an amazing experience.

I`m going to turn this post into a series of posts, because I have so many pictures that are special to me and I don`t want it to get too long. So this was part 1, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I would like to hear from you on the comments, what are your special photos, and why? I`ll leave you with one last picture, that almost looks like a painting. I love it.

Birds rising in the Tiber River, Rome.

Birds rising in the Tiber River, Rome.

Rome is a beautiful city,  and has some really scenic views like the ones by the Tiber River. I was taking a walk around that area, camera in hand of course, when I saw this group of seagulls on the water. Just as I was going to take the picture some of them flew. I was using long exposure because it was already dawn, so their movement is blurry. This photo doesn`t have an impressive story behind it but I love how it turned out. I have it framed on my living room wall! 

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