The basque jewel of Getxo: The ultimate insider`s guide!

I didn`t plan on going to Getxo. I didn`t even knew it`s existence before this day. I traveled to Bilbao to spend a couple of days exploring the city, it`s architecture (old an new, both amazing), getting lost inside the Guggenhein Museum and indulging myself in the most mouth watering tapas and wine. I also planned a quick scape to San Sebastian. But Getxo and Portugalete were the nicest surprises of this trip!


I am fascinated about water and boats. Harbours are always some of my favourite places to be!


Getxo beach

Right by the harbour there is a small beach that you can access from the promenade. Nice, right?

It was my last day and I had to leave for the airport in the afternoon, so I still had the morning to enjoy. My cousin, who lived there, took me out for lunch, and since I`ve already walked around the whole Bilbao with my camera, we went to this other city just around Bilbao called Getxo.



Beautiful streets by the seafront, perfect for a walk before going back home!

Getxo and Portugalete are separated by the beautiful, Unesco`s World Heritage Site Bridge Viscaya. It is a beautiful iron transporter bridge built in 1893 by Gustave Eiffels`s disciple Alberto Palacio. We all know his teacher because of the Eiffel Tower. The Viscaya Bridge is not as known but impressive on it`s on way, even more because of the purpose it demanded: Being both a bridge for people and cargo (including cars), without interrupting the flow of maritime transport to and from the Harbour of Bilbao. It`s elegant efficiency was later used as an inspiration for many bridges around the world.

Puente de Vizcaya

The Vizcaya Bridge, Unesco Universal Heritage Site! Can you see the transporter held by cables used to transport people from one side to the other? In this bridge you don`t walk, they take you! 🙂 


Puente de Vizcaya

The Vizcaya Bridge view from the bottom… Just like we do at the Eiffel Tower! 🙂


Puente de Vizcaya

Here you can see the whole bridge in all it`s tall, elegant iron glory! The reason why it`s so high? Cargo ships pass under it!

Getxo is a residential neighbourhood, part of the great Bilbao area. It`s beautiful buildings and palaces were build by the rich bourgeoisie during the Industrial Revolution, and are kept perfectly preserved, with it`s perfect gardens and refined architectural elements. Walking around this city is a pleasure for the eyes.



One of Getxo`s many stunning palaces… Isn`t this just beautiful?


My cousin was laughing at me when I told her that I wanted to lay down on the grass in front of the houses, because they are so well kept, they look like a soft green carpet!



Another amazing house… This is every architect`s dream place!



This is not the kind of landscape you can find everywhere… Beauty all over!

Getxo also has a few beaches. I only passed by one, and didn`t stay there – our lunch plans were waiting – but the views of the long strip of white sand from the green hills where I was standing did leave me wanting to come back so I could stay and chill out there…

Playas de Getxo

Too bad I didn`t have time to enjoy this beach… A real sandy beach, not rocky, is a luxury!


Playas de Getxo

This was the view to the other side… So many options, so many beautiful coasts… Welcome to the Basque Country!

Getxo, being by the river and the sea, has the cutest harbour. I`m suspicious to say because I`m fascinated about waterfronts – whenever a city has a harbour, good chances are you will find me there – but walking by the harbour here, beautiful houses on one side, blue water and countless little white boats on the other, was an inspiring way to enjoy my time. I think that in this case pictures can say more than words so… Take a look at this:



Happy Vick by my element…! The water!



Views of Getxo by the water…



This is getting close to the marina… Almost lunch time!

Finally it was lunch time, and we headed to the Marina to eat. There are a lot of restaurants there, many options. We went during the week so it was quiet but on the weekends there`s more people. We choose one who sadly the name I don`t remember (it was before geotags on photos!). All I can say is that, like all my other meals in the basque country, food was great! Fresh fish, cold Txacolí wine (a bubbly dry white wine, typical of the region) and cheese pie for dessert! Nhamy!


Getxo Marina

Even the buildings of the harbour have history and elegance. This is indeed a unique place!


On the Marina, besides restaurants there are also other leisure activities like an aquarium for the kids and a night club for the grown ups… I wasn`t there during the night but it must be an interesting place to go out for drinks!

Marina Getxo

Our table for lunch… Not bad. Not bad at all…


Marina Getxo

This is the part of the Marina where the restaurants are. So naval that one even looks like a boat!

Whenever I`m traveling, I like to have a basic planed schedule but I always leave space open for a change of plans or going to a different place. I think that traveling is not only seeing new places, is also living it. The way of life they have in Getxo and Portugalete was an inspiring one! A place where everything is so clean and beautiful, almost like a movie set… So perfect! So if you happen to be at Bilbao and have a couple of hours to explore a little more around the city, I definitely recommend going here!

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The basque jewel of Getxo: The ultimate Insider`s guide!

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