Hugo Cocktail – How to drink locally in… Croatia.

This post is the first of a new series that I`ll be writing, called How to drink/eat locally in… different places of the world. 

Last summer I went to Croatia. I`ve been wanting to go there for a while, for what I`d heard of it`s beautiful islands and beaches, turquoise waters and amazing parties with great-looking people. So when I got there, I was expecting a lot. Did Croatia live up to my expectations? Let me just say that as I write this I` planning to come back this summer so I can be once more be lying on a sun chair with my sunglasses on, listening to great house music with a Hugo Cocktail in my hand while looking at an amazing sea and a lot of hot guys around me…


Laganini Palmizana Croatia

It was impossible not to fall in love with this paradise… Palmizana Island, in Croatia!

I`m going to divide my trip to Croatia in 3 posts (maybe 4?), so they wont`t be too long and I can talk about every place with details and a lot of photos. But this first one is going to be a different post, because I want to teach you how to make my favourite cocktail, which I discovered in Croatia (even though it has Italian origens) and is so fresh and delicious that is just perfect for the summer times approaching!

Laganini Palmizana

This way to paradise…

My encounter with Hugo was love at first sight. So there I was, sunbathing in a chair, feeling the warmth of the sun on my body, relaxing after a day of sailing and scuba diving, lazily looking at the turquoise crystal clear water, as the rays of light shone on its surface like if it was covered in diamonds and emeralds… Chill out music was playing in the background. And then I felt a presence, and a voice from behind me that said: “Miss… Here`s Hugo”

And as I approached my lips to taste it, from my first sip, I knew: I`d found my signature cocktail!!!

Hugo Cocktail

An amazing beach club in the most paradisiac island with a delicious cocktail in hand… What else can I ask for?

Haaaa, I bet you though I was talking about a guy, right? Another romantic story like the one in Venice? Well, not this time, even though there is a guy who is part of this story, who was part of that day but since there is the chance he will read this, I can`t say much – I don`t kiss and tell. (Or do I, for the sake of good literature?) Hehehe.

Ok, maybe I should just say that he looked really good in his blue swimming trunks…

And that he was a great skipper…

And just in case that you are reading this… Hi, M.! Thank you for the SPU ride and the wine! 😉

But back to the cocktail, the recipe is really easy and it only takes 3 ingredients:

Hugo Cocktail

– 6 parts of Prosseco or other sparkling wine;
– 3 parts Elderflower liqueur like Saint Germain.
– Mint leaves
(some people add a little sparkling water to it).
(you can also use rose sparkling wine to give it a touch of colour. I do prefer the white one, though).

Mix them in a glass of wine and serve with ice cubes. Yes, that easy!

Want to know an even better thing about this cocktail? You can substitute the expensive -and sometimes hard to find- Elderflower liqueur by the IKEA version of it, that costs like nothing! So next time you go to an Ikea store looking for a piece of furniture or candles – I just love their scented candles – stop by the food store there and grab one to take home!

Laganini Hugo Cocktail Palmizana

Me and Hugo at Laganini Lounge Club… Just like they say… You can have a cheaper life, but is not worth it! :p

Besides the cocktail, you`ve probably noticed the place in the pictures. It is a beach club called Laganini Lounge Bar & Restaurant , in the island of Palmizana, and it is a-ma-zing. There are the white wooden lounge areas by the water, seating areas and couches in the middle of the trees, surrounded by nature, the tables of the restaurant where you can eat seafood like fresh lobsters taken alive from the little pond that hey have… Besides the amazing vibe, great music and beautiful crowd!

Laganini Palmizana

I could never get tired of this place…


Laganini Palmizana Croatia

One of the lounges… It was hard to choose one place to seat there, the whole place was so pretty!

Me and my friends liked the place so much that we came back another day, to show it to a couple of friends who had joined us in Hvar. And if I can come to back Croatia and to Palmizana this summer, well, I already know which drink I will be ordering!


I`m dreaming about coming back to this paradise island!

Have you been there? Do you know any other place to recommend in Croatia, any other island or beach club? Let me know in the comments bellow! ↓

More Croatia here: The amazing Plitvice Lakes National Park, a natural paradise of waterfalls and lakes in Croatia!

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