My most beautiful travel photos of 2017

My most beautiful travel photos of 2017

Today I’m writing my last post of 2017. It is a different post, a photographic retrospective, called My Most Beautiful Photos of 2017.  I saw this on Nicola`s Suitcase and Wanderlust blog and thought “what a great idea!”.
The idea of the post is to challenge travel bloggers to choose one photo for each category that they think are their best one, and also an extra photo that they think is their`s personal most beautiful photo of 2017.

These are the 10 categories:

  • Landscape
  • Cityscape
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Black and white
  • Light
  • Close-up
  • Food
  • Views
  • Color contrast

Plus one photo that is your personal most beautiful photo, free theme.

It looked pretty easy cause I have tons of photos, but I have to say, it was actually super hard to choose my finalists. And I didn’t have any black and white photo, because I`m fascinated by colours, so finding a picture that I could turn to black and white and would still look powerful was a challenge. But after a whole afternoon looking through my 2017 photos, here are my Most Beautiful Photos of 2017:


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Sunset in Umbria, Italy.

This is my most beautiful photo of landscapes and you`ve probably seen this photo here before. I took it during my summer holidays in Umbria when I stayed at the Genius Loci Country Inn – you can read the hotel review and see more amazing photos here. I was staying right in the middle of the vineyards and fields, surrounded by nature and silence, the most beautiful and peaceful place. Those photos not only are some of my favourite ones that I took this year, they also bring me the most soothing, calming and pleasant memories.


For this category, my difficulty was to choose just one photo. All my travels this year were to cities, I didn`t really spend much time in the country or the mountains, so I have a lot of beautiful cityscape photos of the cities I`ve been to. I ended up choosing two most beautiful photos that I really love, taken in different countries:

The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Blue hour in Florence, with the city lights reflecting on the Arno river.

This one was taken on my first day in Florence. I was at this really cute hotel terrace bar called ??? having a cocktail and waiting for the blue hour to take some photos of the city. The view could not have been better: The river Arno and the city lights reflecting on its surface. You can almost forget how hot and filled with tourists the city was during August and feel the poetic vibe that Florence is known for.

The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Panoramic view of Lisbon, Portugal.

This photo was taken in Lisbon, and as you can probably tell, I just love shooting right after sunset. It is my favourite time of the day for pictures, with the first city lights lighting up but the sky still showing some sunset colours. This photo was taken from the platform of the Santa Justa lift, from where you get the most beautiful panoramic view of the whole city.


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
The amazing Andorinhas Waterfall, in the south if Brazil!

For this category I had the perfect most beautiful photo: This amazing waterfall in the south of Brazil, a natural paradise with easy access but only know by a few. This was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been this year, and one of the most amazing natural places I`ve been in my whole life.

If you`re curious, you can read all about it in this post that I wrote, with a lot more stunning photos (that were taken with my cellphone, by the way!) 


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Little bird at Lake Como, Italy.

Most beautiful photo of animals… Humm…That was another hard theme, I like photographing animals but this year I didn`t really get a chance to go to a good place for this. I was saved by the pictures of some little birds I took when I was having lunch at Lake Como. They would get so close to my table that I could almost touch them. I have to admit, I had a great time feeding them breadcrumbs and also photographing them. So cute!

Black and white:

The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Lake Como on a winter day…

I never do black and white photography, the main reason for that being that I just love colours. Since I didn’t have any B&W photo, I had to find a photo that I could turn into black and white and that would still maintain it`s strength. I found this one, taken on a cold winter day at Lake Como, with some fog and no sun. Not bad, but of all of the photos here, my least favourite…


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Good morning, sun!

Didn’t have to think much for this one. Also from my stay in Umbria, every morning I would wake up with the sunrise exactly at my window, over the vineyards. I would leave the camera ready, take a couple of photos of it and then… Come back to bed! (It was my holidays, to be fair!). That`s my most beautiful photo of 2017 for light… And what a beautiful light, how the first rays of sunlight touch the top of vineyards…


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
There’s something poetic about these windows, I think…

I usually go for wide angles and panoramic photos rather than details, but there are some architectural details like windows, doors and doorknobs that I love photographing. I don`t know if these photos count as a close-up (how close does it have to be?) but I fell in love with this really old windows from an abandoned building while I was walking around Lisbon, and decided to do a triptych with them. So for the most beautiful photo of close-up, we actually have 3 photos that go complement each other.


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
A gourmet piece of pulpo… Nhammy!

Food is an art, not only because one has to master how to prepare it, but also in the way you present it. When we say that something can be “eaten with the eyes”, this is the kind of image that comes to my mind: A fresh, soft and tempting piece of octopus.  Food porn at its best. That was my most beautiful photo of 2017 in the food category.


The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
The amazing and magical palaces of Sintra, Portugal…

Panoramic views. Now that’s a theme I`m always in for. I love seeing things from a high point of view, so whenever I`m travelling, I always look for panoramic viewpoints/terraces. My most beautiful photo for this category is a view of one of the many palaces that you can find in Sintra, this fairy tale city near Lisbon, in Portugal. I actually have this photo hanging on my wall.

By the way, did you know that you can buy all of my photos? Contact me if you’re interested and I`ll give you more info!

Color Contrast:

The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Pink bike, pink flowers…

For my colour contrast most beautiful photo of 2o17, I chose this picture that was taken in this little Italian town called Montefalco. The whole city was decorated with pink bikes and pink flowers, and I loved the contrast between those bright colours and the beige tones of the city itself.

And now, last but not least… My personal Most Beautiful Photo of 2017:

The Most Beautiful Photos of 2017 - by Guiri Insider
Can Travi Nou restaurant, in Barcelona.

This is, for me, the most beautiful and most romantic restaurant of Barcelona, and it’s not very known by people, even locals! There are tables inside the house, which is totally covered by flowers as you can see, and also some tables in the garden, under the trees. The place is beautiful every time of the year, but springs nights are when the place really becomes magical, as this picture shows.

So what did you think? Are you up for the challenge? I would love to see your photos too so leave me a link of your top 10 in the comments and I`ll make sure to check it out!

And if you like photography, you may like this post about Easy professional tips for amazing travel photos!

Thanks for staying with me through 2017 and I hope you have a happy 2018 with tons os travels, adventures and amazing photos!

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