Traveling has always been a passion for me. For me and a lot of people. But before the emergence of the internet, Google, GPS (yes, I’m from that time!), traveling the world was not so easy. To get off the tourist path, it took a lot of courage or the help of a travel agent.

The internet changed everything, and with it came thousands of travel Blogs. That’s great, but with this flood of information, a new problem arose: Among so many, how to find the best? I do not know the answer to that. What I will offer here in my Blog may not be so different from so many others, but I do know what I will not offer: Beaten tips, more of the same, repeated information. I will always be ready to help and answer questions, but Guiri Insider’s idea is to be more than a travel blog, is to be a travel companion. A diary of memories of my travels, an inspiration for anyone who wants to know the world and get out of their comfort zone, and a way to challenge myself to travel more so I will always have new and exclusive content for my readers.

What makes Guiri Insider a special blog? The pictures.

Let me introduce myself quickly, my name is Vick Fichtner, I graduated in architecture and I have a postgraduate degree in photography. I like to read, but when I buy a travel guide – yes, I still enjoy books, to smell and touch the paper – when I buy a travel guide I want photos. Written information is important, but I am a visual person, and to only read about a place, technical information, descriptions without photos… Hmmm. I think something is missing. Does that happen to you too? So in this travel blog, I promise that there will be plenty of inspirational and real pictures of the places, photographed by me (no stock photos). You will be assured that everything I post is with knowledge and from my own experience!

Me at the The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.
Here I am at the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, one of the most stunning places I`ve been to (and I`ve been to many!).


4 continents, 26 countries, more than 320 cities visited, thousands and thousands of photos … And always on the move. Content will not be missed! I hope you can accompany me on this journey, where I will relive remembrances and create new memories, sharing everything with you, readers!

Ready to embark on this adventure?